Pelvic Floor Restore Programme

1) How soon after pregnancy can I join your classes?

You can start as early as you like – but I recommend you wait until you have had your 6 week check from your midwife.

2) I had my baby a long time ago, will these classes still help?

Yes absolutely! Women have come to these classes whose children are now adults and have got huge benefits from these classes – it’s never too late.

3) I have had or am due to have pelvic floor repair surgery, can I still come to classes?

Yes – the work you do in these classes will greatly support you before and after pelvic floor surgery and help your healing. Some women have found that their symptoms have reduced so much that they do not require surgery after putting into practice the exercises and lifestyle changes from this programme.

4) Can I bring my baby along?
There is a lot of information to take in during the classes and it can be distracting to have your baby with you. However, if your baby is in arms and you have someone who can help you it may be possible for you to bring your baby with you. Please email me to discuss this, or you may find private 1-2-1 sessions would work better for you.


5) I still have pelvic girdle pain (PGP) from pregnancy, can I still come to classes?
Yes, the exercises you do during your class will also help stabilise and strengthen your pelvis which will help to reduce your PGP.

Move for Birth classes

1) How soon can I join your classes?

These classes are gentle enough for you to join as soon as you find out you are pregnant, in fact the earlier you start the more benefit you will find.

2) I have SPD/PGP can I still join your classes?

Yes these classes will help to balance your pelvis and so reduce your symptoms.

3) Can I join anytime?

Yes, there is a rolling curriculum, and each week we repeat moves to build body knowledge and reiterate the teaching, education & philosophy to build birthing confidence. The idea is that preparing for birth doesn’t just take a set amount of weeks but is constant throughout pregnancy therefore the class is designed for you to come regularly throughout your pregnancy.

4) Do you cover preparation for birth?

We cover breathing techniques, labour management tips and all the essential birth wisdom you need to feel fully prepared for labour.The essentials you need to know for labour and birth will be covered over the weeks as part of the classes. Regular practice of movements and positions for labour will mean that they will become second nature to you once it comes time to birth your baby.

5) I may have a caesarean are your classes still suitable?

The movement exercises we cover will mean you will have a more comfortable pregnancy and will help you heal postpartum so you are ready for life with your baby. Many women find the breathing and relaxation techniques useful as they approach their baby’s birth date.