Labyrinth Meditation & Sound Journey

Essentially a walking meditation a labyrinth is a spiraling path within a circle – cut out of turf or drawn in sand, or even painted on material to be rolled out anywhere.

You start by setting an intention, maybe you want to calm your mind, find peace or maybe you are wanting to tap into your intuition to help you with a problem.

The path loops and turns and curves to the centre, the steady rhythm of your walk helps to calm your mind and allow that peace or for your intuition to speak to you.

On reaching the centre of the labyrinth there is time to pause and to listen.

The path out is as important as the path in, time to process to integrate the information you have been given.

A meditation for the busy minded, the fidgeters and those who want a deeper meditation experience. Ground yourself with breath and movement, set your intentions and then walk the labyrinth to a backdrop of gong and crystal singing bowls before settling down for a deep relaxation. Find the answer to your question, get insight into that decision, feel deep peace and contentment.

Realise that you are enough.

1st April 2023 1pm – 3pm Book your place here