Walking the labyrinth is an ancient art to help you ‘soothe your nerves, calm your soul, mend your heart and heal your body’

Labyrinths can be found dating back centuries and all across the globe. Used for meditation, problem solving, rites of passage ceremonies and rituals.

I run labyrinth meditation workshops using my 15 ft by 18ft portable labyrinth or with my finger labyrinths.

Walking the labyrinth helps you find peace with being you. Scattered thoughts are brought to order. Negative thoughts are released.

it brings a feeling of deep contentment, confidence and focus to help with decision making.

Best of all it allows you to access that deep well of tranquillity that lets you be you.

Bring the labyrinth to your retreat or event

Walking the labyrinth can add a magical and unique element to your retreat or event. The spiral path is a metaphor for life – spiralling, turning but always going towards the centre. As participants traverse the path they may feel a release of emotions.
Inner wisdom and guidance accessed standing in the centre and a sense of renewal and rebirth walking out.

Created as a sacred space at your event allows participants to relax in a reflective meditative walk opening them up to their soul wisdom.

I can also bring along sound bath instruments, art supplies for art journaling, oracle cards or drums to make the experience even more immersive.

Please contact me to discuss – the labyrinth can be put up indoors or outdoors.