Move with Rosie

Weekly movement classes that will help relieve aches and pains and ease stiff joints.

Gentle enough for everybody, whether you are wanting to start on getting fitter and stronger and have never been to an exercise class or gym before or not.

If you are fed up of feeling old before your time and want to do something pro-active to help yourself this is for you.

A fun, motivating , low-impact class that will get you moving better so you will feel better.

If you:

Spend long periods driving or sitting.
Suffer back pain, sore achey knees or troublesome hips.
Always feel stiff and older than you are

Small classes of maximum 10 people so you get individual attention, know how to do each exercise so it benefits you and avoids putting more strain on your body than you need to.

  • £10 single class
  • 6 Sessions £54

Tuesdays, 7 – 8pm – venue Wild Ginger, Woodbridge Road, IP4 4AX please email me to reserve your space