Pregnancy and Post-Partum Exercise Classes from Suffolk

Natural Movement For Flexibility and Mobility

The pregnant and post-partum body carries a lot of stress and force on its joints, and this beautiful part of life can sometimes be physically demanding. Taking care of yourself during and after your pregnancy will help to keep your body mobile, flexible, and comfortable. Rosie, the pregnancy and post-natal exercise specialist of Labyrinth of Nurture in Suffolk, offers three core classes to increase the movement of pregnant and postpartum bodies.


Birth Preparation Classes

Birth preparation classes with Labyrinth of Nurture help to prepare your body for an active birth, including teaching you positions for labour, breathing techniques, and advice on what equipment to use. These natural movement classes for pregnant women also help to support your body and joints through your pregnancy, lessening the prominence of ‘sneeze pee’, back ache, pelvic pain, foot pain, and sore hips.

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One-to-One Coaching Classes

One-to-one coaching classes help to rehabilitate your pelvic floor using the whole-body method to restore core strength and relieve pelvic girdle pain. These one on one coaching sessions use corrective exercises, lifestyle changes, and postural adjustments to increase your body’s natural movement, mobility, and flexibility post-partum. Your sessions are split between face-to-face classes and conscious lifestyle changes and support.

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Online Classes

These online courses have been specifically designed to aid women in relieving the everyday stresses that manifest in their bodies and joints, whether pregnant, post-partum, or simply day to day. Restoring comfort to the back, walking for fitness, stretching your hands to avoid arthritis, and instructional at-home routines for restoring pelvic floor strength are all available in this helpful portal.

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