Partners Workshop

Are you worried about how you can support your partner during labour?

Partner’s are often missed out of their own birth preparation. It is assumed that father’s will be at the birth but often this can lead to many issues.

The rates of Post partum depression in fathers’ is increasing and a lot, I believe, is the lack of adequate birth preparation specifically designed with fathers’ in mind.

Giving you space to process your feelings about birth, learning how they can help during birth including skills for coping techniques in labour and how they can advocate for their partner during birth. Research shows that if a woman feels supported by a calm and confident partner it will help towards a more positive birth experience.

This workshop is for couples to attend to help the father learn how he can support his partner at the birth.

How to take care of yourself during the birth

Learn the physiology of birth and how hormones play their part and how to boost them

Understanding birth plans and how these can be really important in birth preparation

Pain relief techniques

Decision making techniques during the birth

Immediate postpartum choices

A 3 hour practical workshop for couples

Workshop cost £57 per couple