Postpartum Treatments


Caring for mothers postpartum is not something we are familiar with in this country. Anni Daulter founder of Sacred Postpartum writes

“Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a massive undertaking that not only needs to be recognized and ceremonially honored, but deeply necessitates a healing touch that can welcome the new mama with open arms. “

In the process f attending  some training with Sacred Postpartum I am pleased to be able to  be offering the following services in the future:

Closing Ceremony – which includes sitz bath, warming oils massage and rebozo tuck in followed by belly binding.

Also offered are herbal teas, nourishing, relaxing teas. Vaginal steams for perineum healing, herbal stone massage and moxibustion healing, belly binding

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Read below what the two women who took part in this wonderful honouring ceremony have to say.




What mothers say about postpartum honouring:

I was extremely lucky to be the recipient of a Nature and Nurture Mother Honouring ceremony. I was collected from my home, adorned with a floral headress and transported on a throne to the gloriously serene N&N headquarters in the country. Once there I sat in the garden and was provided and herbal tea and a fruit smoothy and rested with my feet in a milk and honey foot bath with rose petals in. After that came a wonderfully relaxing treatment where I was wrapped with rebozos. As a Mum to a very busy 3 year old the chance to rest and relax so fully is rare and I can honestly say I dont know the last time I felt so rested and looked after. Finally I had a bengkun belly wrap which stayed on into the evening. I slept so incredibly well last night and a Mother Honouring would be the most wonderful gift for new Mums, as welk as those further along their Mothering journey. – SL

Feeling honoured

What happened? When Rosie arrived at my house I was still flapping about trying to make it tidier but from the moment she arrived it was made clear that this was about honouring me as a mother, not judging me on my mess. A divine smelling flower crown was placed on my head and a beautiful bath of almond milk , honey and rose petals prepared for me. It was the first time in a long time that I allowed myself not to be trying to achieve anything, Bliss ! When I came back downstairs there was some very beautiful music playing and the rebozo wrap technique was used – I can only really describe this as like a really big cuddle – very restful. Rosie then gently unwrapped me providing a hot oil massage as she did – I very nearly went to sleep (I’m not sure I didn’t) after being given some lovely relaxing time – Rosie then tightly wrapped my belly in a beautiful tie dye wrap. It felt so secure and safe and warming – it was very restorative – like literally putting me back together post birth! I kept the wrap on for 6 hours on a day that can best be described as hot, because it made me feel complete again! The rest of the day was spent in a beautiful haze with my flower crown in place, except the impromptu trip to sainsburys for BBQ food

Why is this important? Since giving birth to my second child 9.5 weeks ago- with yet another traumatic birth, I feel like I’ve disappeared in the role of mum and wife. A world in which I don’t have time to prioritise cutting my toe nails even, let alone having a bath or thinking about the miracle of my baby. I have at times really missed those exciting little flutters of pregnancy and have been left feeling really empty. Being given the time to celebrate what my body has achieved and rejuvenate that body has been so healing and has helped shift my focus back away from a messy house and onto what really matters.

Should every mother have one? Yes – buy one for your partner, wife, friend, sister etc now!!! – CM

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