Restorative You Classes, Suffolk

Restorative movement classes

Persistent back ache getting you down?
Knee pain preventing you from being as active as you’d like?
Sore hips making you feel old?
Sick and tired of foot pain?

Get to the root cause of your pain.

Restorative movement classes will help you get to the root cause of your recurring pain. Regain strength, mobility, flexibility and function, reduce pain and risk of future injury.

Get a long lasting solution to your aches, pains and joint problems. Improve your health, fitness and over-all feeling of confidence.

Come and learn the benefits of natural movement. Restore your mobility, regain your strength, reduce your nagging aches and pains and recurring injuries.

Relieve back, hip, knee and foot pain.

These gentle and effective exercises will show you how changes to your posture and essential habit changes will allow your body to heal back ache, knee pain, sore knees and painful feet.

Changing how you move will change how you feel, improve your health and help you feel stronger, more mobile and more flexible.  Natural movement classes are new to Suffolk and a great way to become more active, they are suitable for every stage of fitness level from the most sedentary to those who do lead an active life but are experiencing pain or injury and want to find out how to relieve and reduce their symptoms.

Classes run in Ipswich on a Saturday morning 9-10am £12 per class pay as you go or a block of 6 £60 or pay monthly £40 per month.

Venue Wild Ginger, 313 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich IP4 4AX

Email to book your place