fI’ve added some links on here to the equipment I use in classes. My considerations when choosing equipment was environmental impact, aesthetics, quality and functionability.

I love the Ekotex Yoga brand, not only are they working on sustainability and reducing plastic but they sell quality products and it is run by  a Work At Home Mum (WAHM). The white half domes are useful as they come quite long and you can cut them to a useful size if you cut 1/3 off it can easily be tucked in a bag ready for a calf stretch anywhere.

When I first saw round yoga mats I knew I needed to have them for my classes, not only are they unusual but they get you thinking of moving in a variety of ways and there is something comforting about a circular shape. This company is also very environmentally conscious.

Vivobarefoot were my first pair of barefoot shoes and they were so comfortable having enough space for my feet to move. I have moved on to Vibram Five fingers as well now as my feet have got stronger and it is noticeable the difference in feeling having my toes able to move individually.

(Disclaimer some of these are affiliate links so I will earn a small percentage from each purchase)


yoga bolstersEkotex Yoga sell bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets as well as mats and clothing





half domeHalf dome from Physique




Trigger point massage balls by Peak Supps




The Form beautiful round and traditional yoga mats


Vivobarefoot shoes





Vibram Fivefingers shoes