Sound & Soothe

Mama and Baby Sound bath and relaxation

Early motherhood can feel like we’ve hit the ground running – 9 months of growing a baby with whatever physical and emotional ‘stuff’ that brings when all focus was you and your baby growing inside, watching your body change shape, making plans.

Then after the birth we expect and are made to feel we will just ‘bounce back’ and get on with all the jobs and life as though nothing has really changed.

But becoming a mother has profound changes, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

How we view the world changes, how we view ourselves and our partners changes.We find out what being utterly exhausted really means and still having to get on with all that life is throwing at us.

There never seems time to just stop and be and try and piece together all that we have been through. Sound and Soothe is a safe nurturing space for you to come to, to breath, think and just be.

Meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques and a sound bath (baby friendly) and let me make you a cup of herbal tea and enjoy homemade flapjack as you have time to chat and share experiences with other mothers.

The sound bath will also help your baby relax too!

What to expect

I provide some mats for you to sit and lay on but you might prefer to bring something a bit more comfy (the mattress from a sun lounger can work well) a blanket/pillow are important to snuggle under. I appreciate babies have thier own thoughts and agenda so please do not worry if your baby is fussy or you need to get up and move around with them – some of the sounds they find very soothing and just like adults some sounds might cause them to process some emotions which might cause a bit of fussiness or crying. This is life with babies.

You will still get a lot out of an hour just being with your baby without the need to do anything else and that in itself can be very healing.

The instruments I choose are ones which your baby will find soothing – they don’t like very deep sounds so I use lighter, brighter higher energy instruments.

After a welcome we will work through some breathing and a short guided meditation and then settle down for a sound bath – this is where you allow the sounds of the instruments to wash over you. SOme people see colours, some images, some feel emotional others just feel very, very peaceful – there is no right or wrong way to experience this.

At the end I put on some soothing music that you and your baby can gently rock and move too. And then you can settle down for a herbal tea and snack – no need to rush off.

THis gives you time to process the effects of the sound bath and some breathing time before you head back to your life.

Every Wednesday 10am Rushmere village hall, Humber Doucy Lane Ipswich pay what you can £5 – £15.
I have run sound baths for 3 years and before this I was an antenatal teacher, using yoga based movments to help prepare you for birth, breathing techniques, pregnancy relaxation and education around pregnancy and birth. I have also trained as a baby yoga andbabywearing consultant, various postnatal therapy treatments such as Swedish Massage, Closing the Bones, pelvic floor rehab (from a biomechanic perspective – so no kegels!) and diastasis recti rehab.

I have three children myself and have had 3 very different birth and postpartum experiences. I am passionate that mothers should not be forgotten once baby arrives but very much need support and nurturing themselves as they navigate new life, body and beliefs in their new role as mother.

To book your place (every Wednesday 10am currently at Rushmere village hall but venue is due to change) email me at