How to decide if induction is for you. (pt 1)

Induction. What does it bring up for you? Have you been offered it? Are you wondering whether to go ahead or not? Do you know what it involves and if there are any risks involved? This is part one of a series on induction this week we will look at the differences between spontaneous labour … Continue reading How to decide if induction is for you. (pt 1)

5 Myths of Pregnancy Pain

You don't have to put up with pregnancy pain here are 5 common pregnancy pain myths busted. Is pregnancy waddle inevitable? Will pregnancy wreck your body? and other pregnancy myths examined. Pregnancy will wreck your pelvic floor It isn’t pregnancy that plays havoc with your pelvic floor, but the weight of a baby on an … Continue reading 5 Myths of Pregnancy Pain

Helping Your Baby Find Their Way

Optimal foetal positioning helping your baby find their way You might see on your hand held notes some odd abbreviations (actually a lot of them need some deciphering) but in this blog it is the baby’s position I am talking about. LOA (left occiput Anterior) , LOT (Left Occiput Transverse), ROA (Right Occiput Anterior), ROP … Continue reading Helping Your Baby Find Their Way

Overstimulation and Under Activity

I was musing on the film Babies yesterday and thinking about the huge differences in the way of life between the Western culture and the ones much closer to a more natural lifestyle for a human being, Several scenes really stand out in my memory the first two are from the West – one is … Continue reading Overstimulation and Under Activity