Can you release your pelvic floor?

Can you relax your pelvic floor? Not the first thought that comes to mind when you are working on strengthening your pelvic floor, right? It seems pretty counterintuitive to relax something that doesn’t seem to be strong enough to prevent wee leakage or to hold your organs in. The best pelvic floor exercise needs to … Continue reading Can you release your pelvic floor?

Why kegels are not the best birth prep exercise

During my first pregnancy my pregnancy class teacher was insistent we did our kegels, squeeze, hold, release. I half did them but wasn’t particularly keen – I found them a bit uncomfortable to be honest. But are they essential for preventing sneeze pee and other postpartum incontinence? If you think about it preparing for birth … Continue reading Why kegels are not the best birth prep exercise

Mother Roasting – Postpartum nurturing

  Working on pelvic floor disorders is not just about alignment and movement, there are some other elements that you can be working on that will be of great benefit. From an energy point of view those with pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic organ weakness in general tend to have a cold belly. So looking … Continue reading Mother Roasting – Postpartum nurturing