No Photos Please

I’ve been watching with interest and slight horror that the meme about Kate Middleton going home and being in her pjs has stirred up.

I’ve read and reflected and wonder if we are missing the point a bit here, it’s not about what women put on after birth, whether that is make up, high heels or nice clothes.

But more about how women are viewed postbirth. I guess it even starts in pregnancy with a sort of ‘ownership’ of a woman – people want to invade her privacy, touch her bump, ask personal questions, make silly jokes.

And straight away after birth whether that be in hospital or home and whether you are a Royal or just you average Jane Doe people EXPECT you to welcome them to your bedside or into your home.

They want to hold and photograph the baby, even expect you to entertain them. Make odd comments or brush aside any emotional or physical things you may want to talk about.

You have a new baby and people crowd round you – often people or family you have never conversed much with before – but you and your baby are for public consumption as it were.

Perhaps the focus shouldn’t be on make up and high heels, versus messy buns and tracky bottoms but allowing women and their newborn babies the privacy and respect they deserve and leave photo opportunities and public viewings for much later.


Rosie Dhoopun is a Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Movement Teacher, Massage Therapist, Pregnancy Coach, Antenatal Teacher and Sling Consultant at Labyrinth of Nurture.

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