Does making lifestyle changes seem overwhelming?

I had someone email me to say that they liked the idea of my classes but felt overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes part. They have a busy life and it felt like It would be too much to implement.

So I thought I would write a blog about how very often the corrective exercises, postural modifications and lifestyle changes can be done together making life really easy for you.

Here is a simple example. Floor sitting. Our chairs, sofas and seats are notorious for creating back, hip and knee problems. Increasing pelvic floor issues and hindering babies from getting into the best position for birth, so floor sitting can be one of the best things you can do.

Getting down on the floor and back up again helps build body strength and how well you can do it can influence the length of your life (1) . And it gives you lots of squat practice!

When you sit, whether it is on a chair or the floor, you need to bolster to help you sit with an aligned pelvis. It can be so easy to sit on the sacrum putting strain on your back. To get your pelvis aligned put your hands on your hips and feel the bony bits under your fingers. These are your iliac spine and they need to be in line with your pubic bone. You will need to sit right at the front of a cushion or bolster so your pelvis naturally drops forward into alignment, you don’t want to be forcing it using your back.

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How to bolster so your pelvis is aligned

Floor sitting

Sitting on the floor you will find it necessary to change positions often – we have been told form young not to wriggle – sitting still is good.
But no. The more often you move the better for your body – it helps to keep your joints mobile and your muscles toned, you keep your circulation flowing (prevent varicose veins and clogging arteries and keep your concentration levels up)

So, with just choosing to sit on the floor you are working on your posture, doing your corrective exercises,  adding more movement and making a lifestyle change. Bingo!

Some examples of floor sitting


Rosie Dhoopun is a Natural Movement teacher helping people move better to reduce chronic aches, pains and recurring injuries. With particular interest in pregnancy postpartum and pelvic floor health. She runs classes in East Suffolk and has an online classes and courses.

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