Labyrinths and Your Pelvic Floor


The story behind the name Labyrinth of Nurture.

I first came across labyrinths during some birth training – I discovered the book Labyrinth of Birth and it made so much sense to me.

With Labyrinths you are guided to the centre unlike a maze you don’t have to think or be concerned about dead ends. What it does do though is go almost straight form the entrance to the middle, you think oh this is easy it’ll be over soon.

But then you find yourself right on the outside as far from the middle as you could be.

Oh what? No, this is too much, I was lulled into a false sense of security. The middle is too far away, I’ll never make it, oh it’s so long, I can’t do it. Nope I’m not going to do it, I can’t, I won’t, stop it now – I wish I’d never started, Can someone help me. And just as it all becomes overwhelming you find yourself in the middle.




And – in birth you find yourself with your baby.

But now you have to journey out – and in the realms of motherhood this takes about three years, slowly, travelling with your baby, nurturing them, guiding them watching them grow and feeling yourself grow in your new role.As you get to the exit is the time your baby, now three, starts to have the confidence to begin to move away from you, become independent. Still needing you but ready to start on their own journey.

At this point you become more interested in things outside that intense closeness of motherhood – coming back to your hobbies, your life, yourself.

Different now though, different outlook, different things seem more important now.

Labyrinths have been about forever in one form or another.And I feel they have as much relevance in your journey to understanding your body, loving it and nurturing it so it can be stronger and pain free. Same journey, same experiences but more of a journey into yourself as a spiritual and physical being.

I’m now looking for women who want to go on that journey of better health, relieving their pelvic floor symptoms and feeling more in love with their bodies and themselves.

If that is you – whether you want to work on your own or with me in a group or 1:1 click the link and see how to book on.

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