Women’s Labyrinth Circle

A monthly circle to support and guide as you walk your path through life.

Based on teaching stories, a deeper understanding of folk and fairy tales, we can explore where we our in life, how to overcome obstacles, dig into that inner strength, trust our intuition, and feel more confident in life.

Stories matter – – they have been hardwired into us.

We passed on information and wisdom through gathering together and sharing stories.

We make sense of the world and of ourselves through story.

Our brains have developed to be able to hold on to and understand events and information though the use of story.

Teaching is best done using story. But over the way we have lost the knowledge of how to interpret story.

Journey to the welcome embrace of woods and gather round a fire to hear the insight that has been passed down through generations to help us navigate the world.

As well as story our exploration may include journaling, forest bathing, drum meditation, movement, chanting, breathwork andlabyrinth walking.