Slings and Carrying

When adults wear babies,  we let our children know that babies are important and that they belong with their parents. We teach our children that big people care for little people and that babies are fun to be around – Sears

Carrying your baby in your arms is the natural way to transport your baby. Many babies will only settle while being carried, they feel safe and secure and can interact with their parent and caregiver. For mothers in particular carrying their baby means they can learn their babies cues, and instinctively know what their baby needs from subtle clues. This creates a more confident, assured mother. Being able to get on with daily activities, get out for a walk off the beaten track or interact and play with older children are all benefits of using a sling.

Research is gradually showing the various developmental benefits, both emotionally and physical. Language and vestibular development, learning about social interaction and gaining confidence and independence.

For caregivers, carrying a baby in a sling can help reduce postpartum depression, increase bonding, help you cope with life and get out for walks and play with your older children.

Using a sling is a skill. Usually passed down through the generations and using the traditional carrier of the community. These days many traditional slings have been adapted slightly to suit different tastes and there is an incredible amount of slings around, from long pieces of cloth to structured backpack style.

I have used slings with all my babies and found them invaluable – I count them as THE most useful parenting tool. Which is why I include learning how to use a stretchy wrap and include one in the 4th Trimester workshop

I used to run a sling library, a service that allowed people to hire slings for a month. I now do not have time to run a public sling library but do have the slings accessible for those who are signed up to my classes.



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